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February 24, 2014
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As always we are trying to improve the seamlessness of planning your pool project. This winter we have added the ability to install artificial grass around your pool or to create putting greens for the avid golfer. The experts at Garden Mark have created top of the line artificial lawns for us to install and maintain for you if that is the desired look.

Artificial grass – the lawn of the future

The market for artificial grass is growing rapidly. The reasons are improved manufacturing techniques and rising awareness about its environmental and economic benefits. Having a well maintained lawn does not necessarily mean rising costs for upkeep and hefty maintenance. Advance in synthetic grass technology has made way for eco-friendly and cutting edge products that are far more nourished when compared to the products of 1970’s. When the concept was marketed for the first time, it found its way into just the richest sporting clubs but today, one may hope to find an artificial turn in a home backyard. Artificial grass looks and feels just like the real grass. It is amazingly durable and can last for more number of years than natural grass and that too with very little maintenance. Unaware guests would not be able to tell between a new artificial grass lawn and a lush natural garden. Moreover, synthetic lawns are much more softer compared to the gravel and concrete you get in natural lawns and certainly more hygenic when it comes to kids playing on them. In most cases, an artificial lawn serves the same purposes as expected from natural lawns.
Synthetic turf doesn’t require watering except the need to clean it occasionally. Statistics suggests that the lawn owner saves upto 70% of residual water usage. While it reduces the water bills, you can actually feel proud that you are helping in conservation. Moreover, if your garden has been artificially landscaped, the amount of water saved in much more.
Synthetic lawns are exciting playgrounds for pets and especially dogs. Dead spots in natural lawns can now become a thing of the past. Here the grass is always green, smooth and your dog will not return with mud in its mouth. A beautifully manicured lawn certainly improves the appeal of a home all round the year and even urine and dog droppings will not stain the material.
Property management companies, councils and homeowners spend huge amounts of money on fertilizers; pesticides, chemicals, watering, mowing and general labor to main their natural lawns. However, none of this is required with the synthetic technology. Fake lawns do eliminate the mundane chores that come with a fully natural setup.
Artificial grass is environment friendly as it eliminates the use of chemicals and pesticides and in return offer a healthy environment for the whole family and the general public at large. Regardless of the changes in climatic conditions, these fake lawns will remain lush, green and soft throughout. A green spread is always a visual treat. This certainly makes it a practical alternative for both residential and business purposes. This new breed of grass is sustainable, functional, visually adorable and amazingly realistic. Just don’t expect hares to burrow in your garden!