Pool opening and weekly pool services

What Makes Us Unique: Triton-Pools.com
What Makes Us Unique: Triton-Pools.com
February 19, 2015
Liner Repairs and Renovation
Liner Repairs and Renovation
March 1, 2015
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Pool opening and weekly pool services

We are getting ready to start the 2015 pool season as the snow is falling we are making the final renovations to our shop and getting ready to start scheduling your pool opening. Our pool opening services include:

  • Cleaning and removal of your cover and storing it for closing time.
  • Installing diving boards, lights, handrails, ladders, etc.
  • Reassembling filter and pumps and getting them started.
  • Making any repairs necessary
  • Inspecting filter elements to make sure no damage was done in winter
  • Checking to see if the heater will fire
  • Brushing of walls and entire pool surface
  • Adding required chemicals to make the cleanup process speedy
  • A 15 minute vacuuming if possible (pool water is clear enough to see the bottom)
  • checking to ensure skimmers are working to full potential
  • lowering all cover anchors and greasing them to make winter installation easier
  • Installing timer clips or programing system to customers wants.

We also offer a weekly valet pool service where one of our technican will show up at your pool and perform the following tasks:

  • Test water for correct chemical amount and add chemicals if needed
  • Brush all walls and steps
  • Check water level and make adjustments as needed
  • empty skimmer baskets
  • skim out any loose debris
  • Vacuum pool with our industrial sized vacuum
  • Straighten up patio

Our valets are scheduled Wednesday-Friday please book your slot ASAP.  We also offer a bi-weekly service and a monthly service give us a call or send a email and we will get you prices and a contract.