Water System

Cleanest, Safest, Most Unique Water System

We start with filtration of your water using a DE filter.

The DE filter is the most efficient type of pool filter on the market. It can trap particles down to 3 - 5 microns, well below what the naked eye can see. The Powder is what does the filtering. A DE filter requires that the operator (you) add DE powder to coat the filter grids inside of the filter tank. This widely available, inexpensive powder is actually the microscopic skeleton of the diatom, an ancient, sub-aquatic creature. Under the microscope, these skeletons appear to be tiny sponges. This is where the dirt gets trapped in your filter. The powder, which is added at your skimmer, dissolves in the pipe on its way to the filter tank. When it reaches the grids, which are covered with a nylon type of fabric, the powder stops coating the grid. DE Grids are also called elements or septums. The water continues to pass through, first through the powder, then the fabric-covered grid. As the water passes through the DE and enters the grid, it leaves the dirt trapped in the DE powder "cake" or coating.

We then circulate your water more efficiently using what we term our ecosystem.

Hydraulically engineered circulation nozzles are placed into the pool floor. Whenever the pump is activated the nozzles pop up to deliver a jet stream of freshly filtered water across the pool floor. The circulation nozzles will rotate 360 degrees so that the freshly filtered water is evenly dispersed throughout the entire pool. Since our ecosystem circulates water from the pool floor by the natural process of rising heat, heat energy is evenly dispersed. Less heat energy escapes into the air, saving energy and money. Independent studies have proven that this will yield significant energy saving for the life of the pool.

We use three approaches to sanitize your pool: UV, Ozone, Minerals. This will give you the cleanest safest water possible.

  • UV: Inactivates 99.9 percent of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungus, Algae, and Micro-Organisms instantaneously. Dramatically reduces chemical demand by up to 50 percent. Minimal maintenance.

  • Ozone: Actively breaks down non-living waste products and frees up your other sanitizer to work more efficiently as a disinfectant. Only byproduct is oxygen; one unit works effectively on pools up to 55,000 gallons. Ozone is the cleanest, strongest non-chlorine shock available.

  • Minerals: Kills bacteria in two ways, with a blend of sanitizing minerals and a low level of chlorine. It helps maintain pH balance and uses up to 50 percent* less chlorine for better water clarity. Minerals condition the water for softness so it's easier on you and your pool or hot tub, with no faded suits or unpleasant odors. It is easier because you never touch the chemicals by using pre-filled containers that last longer for less work and are recyclable when empty.

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